A back end developer is responsible for building and maintaining the server-side components of web applications.

Why Hire a Back End Developer?

A back end developer is a crucial member of any web development team. They are responsible for building and maintaining the server-side components of web applications, ensuring that they are reliable, secure, and scalable. By Hire Best Backend Developers, you can benefit from their expertise and ensure that your web applications are built to the highest standards.

At Epixel Technologies, we offer a full range of back end Web Development Services to help our clients bring their web application ideas to life. Our experienced back end developers are proficient in a variety of programming languages, including Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, and Node.js, and are knowledgeable about a range of database technologies, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. Our services include:

Performance Optimization

Analyzing and optimizing
PPC Services

API Development

Creating Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable communication and data exchange between different software systems or components.

Database Design and Development

Designing and implementing efficient database structures, schemas, and queries to store and retrieve data securely and efficiently.

Server-Side Programming

Writing server-side code using languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, or Node.js to handle requests, process data, and perform business logic.

Framework and Library Integration

Integrating back-end frameworks and libraries like Django, Laravel, Spring, or Express.js to accelerate Development Services and leverage pre-built functionalities.

Security and Authentication

Implementing security measures such as encryption, user authentication, access controls, and data validation to protect applications from unauthorized access and mitigate potential risks.

Performance Optimization

Analyzing and optimizing server-side performance through techniques like caching, query optimization, load balancing, and code profiling to ensure efficient and responsive application behavior.

Backend Architecture and Scalability

Designing scalable and modular back-end architectures that can handle increasing user loads, support concurrent requests, and scale resources horizontally or vertically as needed.

Integration with Third-Party Services

Integrating external services, APIs, payment gateways, or other third-party systems into the back-end infrastructure to extend application functionality and improve user experience.
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Security and Authentication

protect applications

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