HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You’ll Soon Be Using

HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You’ll Soon Be Using

HTML5 Benefits for Users and PHP Web Developer


In the new web development company generation have to be touch with the latest web technologies which running now a day’s, If you are really wants to meet your goal with new technologies and who want to develop the website Redesign with latest technologies.


Now a day’s latest HTML5’s involves Jquary API that makes it easier to create the Custom Website Design but there are lot of new things to allow you to semantic in your web 2.0 website design. Goole have recently started on the HTML5 Rock. The rock has main 3 elements like Interactive Presentation, Code Playground and Tutorials. With the new three keys you can learn more about the HTML 5 and you can design your PSD to xHTML code as per the HTML5 standard of your business website.


HTML 5 is latest version of HTML. It pioneer a something new to make our website design to more user friendly, browser compatible and search engine optimization. In accumulation, one of the interesting with HTML 5 is the <video> code. Single code using we can present our business on perfect method.


Advantage of newly supported HTML5 features in Safari web browser for your website design:


HTML5 <aside>
HTML5 <footer>
HTML5 <article>
HTML5 <header>
Closed captions for <video>
HTML5 AJAX History
HTML5 <hgroup>
HTML5 <nav>
HTML5 <section>
HTML5 sanboxed <iframe>
Full screen for <video>
HTML5 draggable attribute
HTML5 forms validation
HTML5 <ruby>